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 14,000 Total Sq. Ft. 

curtain side barn

Curtain Sides Barn


 12,000 Total Sq. Ft. 

Event Space:

80' x 140'

Truss Height:


none, restrooms in adjacent building

Overhead Doors:


A Bit About The Curtain Sides Barn

The Cattle Barn was erected in 2021. It has a concrete floor. Water is available throughout the facility. Panels are available to use for pens inside. Curtain sides and 3 overhead doors provide ample ventilation.  

curtain sides barn inside

The high peak in the barn features several large fans to circulate the air (not pictured). Several overhead doors and motorized curtain sides allow for more air circulation if necessary. 

south view of curtain side barn
curtain side barn inside
curtain walls
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